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Thank you very much, Madam Chair.
Mr. Angus, I appreciate your bringing this forward in the spirit of collaboration.
One of the articles I read last summer had to do specifically with this, and seniors as well.
Mr. Fergus, I appreciate the comment about racialized communities. However, I think that especially with vulnerable populations in general, there would be an opportunity....
Being new to this committee and to committee work in general, it seems to me that a motion like this has the opportunity to ensure it is on the cutting edge of understanding the impacts of this sort of technology, and implications to society in general and the relationship to government. You do a good job of outlining the various ways of doing this.
I guess this is maybe a point of discussion to open it up. We've now mentioned children or minors—or “minor children”, whichever way it goes—and “racialized communities”. Would it be inappropriate to add “vulnerable populations” or something to that effect? We mentioned “law enforcement agencies”, but I think there are implications to this regarding immigration and border services, the security associated with it, and the interactions between governments in that regard.
I think that it's about finding the right balance, to ensure that a motion applies to a clear mandate for this committee to move forward while also acknowledging that there is the opportunity to see it expanded in a way that ensures we don't miss out on some of the very serious things we wouldn't want to miss. I'm sure that each person around this table will learn a lot as we start diving into this.
It's a point of discussion first, before moving an amendment, but certainly I might be willing to move an amendment after that.
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