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Mr. Angus, if I may, in order to withdraw your motion, you would need unanimous consent from this committee to do so. Before I ask whether or not I have that, I will tell you that there is an alternative course of action. You can determine what you wish to do, Mr. Angus, with it being your original motion.
If you choose to withdraw your motion today.... As chair, ultimately, I have a responsibility to determine whether or not things fit within the mandate of this committee. This motion is, I would say, on the edge, so as chair, I would like to seek counsel as to whether or not this motion fits. At the same time, I believe it's appropriate for Mr. Gourde to have opportunity to seek counsel as to whether he would be able to participate in a study of this type or whether he would have to recuse himself.
Once answers have been found to these questions, which I believe are very important questions, then this committee could reconvene, and this motion could be further discussed and voted on.
We have Mr. Angus and then Mr. Barrett.
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