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I will answer that question in just a moment, thank you.
According to the Standing Orders by which this committee is governed, only one motion can be put on the floor at a time. That motion then must be voted on before we can hear another motion.
Given that, this is the motion before this committee, and I can receive another motion after this one has been voted on.
We will have an opportunity to hear all motions that this committee wishes to bring forward. In hearing these motions, we are not necessarily determining the order in which they will be studied. That will be determined after.
At this point, I believe what you are being asked to determine is whether or not you would agree to this motion being studied. It's not to the exclusion of other motions. They can all be studied if this committee so chooses. You're simply voting on whether or not you believe that the material of this motion is worthy of study.
(Motion as amended negatived: nays 6; yeas 4)
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