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Here's what I would suggest, if the committee will indulge me. We have 12 motions that have been presented and put on notice. None of these motions have been moved at this point, with the exception of Mr. Barrett's. I understand that all these motions have been put forward and that they are all fair game for discussion.
What I might suggest, for the sake of efficiency as well as to honour the spirit of collegiality, which we have committed ourselves to based on our first meeting, is that we perhaps do the following. I can suspend the meeting for five minutes, which then would allow you, in your parties, to converse with one another and decide on a motion that you feel is your top priority. It would also allow you to talk across party lines and discuss what we as a committee might see as our priorities.
There are also some places where the different motions that have been presented are similar, so there may even be an opportunity for some collaboration to take place.
That said, if I were to suspend the meeting for five minutes and allow you to discuss among yourselves, then bring the meeting back and allow each party representative at this table to bring forward their top motion, that would give us the opportunity to discuss four motions in detail today and to vote on whether we accept them. My suspicion is that you will find everyone around this table to be quite collegial and quite collaborative.
We would proceed from there in determining the order in which we study these and the length of study granted. That said, that decision could be made also at the subcommittee, which of course has been set up through our routine motions. That may be the best use of time. That subcommittee, then, would determine the length and the order of study and then bring back a proposal.
A proposal always comes back to this committee, and you ultimately are given the final vote on that proposal. If you find it favourable, then of course you would vote yes, and if you felt that some changes needed to be made, at that point of course you would have the opportunity to make changes.
If it's agreed that this could perhaps work well at this committee and help us get the maximum amount of work done today, then I would move to suspend this meeting.
Yes, Mr. Barrett.
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