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That's wonderful. I think that's a real spirit of collaboration, one that is much needed here. Thank you to both individuals for working on that.
Also in the spirit of collaboration, I would like to put forward again a notice of motion brought forward, which I could move today in agreement with a fellow member of Parliament here in regard to the national housing strategy. I think Parliamentary Secretary Vaughan has spoken today of the steps that have been made relative to the national housing strategy. I commend them for heeding the first recommendation of CMHC's three recommendations of moving forward on further evaluation of first nations housing.
Considering that spirit of wanting to provide effective programming and ensuring that the programming follows its intention, which was to be beneficial to the many Canadians in need whom it was supposed to serve, I can't think of a better way to do that than to support the motion of Mr. Long:
That the committee undertake a study of the effectiveness of distributing funds through the National Housing Strategy, and any barriers which may be preventing the distribution of funds to developers.
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