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Mr. Chair, in the spirit that Mr. Albas was talking about, I would be interested in discussing Ms. Leah Gazan's motion. She seems to have a very strong interest in this as well. I think it would be a really generous move from the government to perhaps accept the motion of another individual, a minority party individual, for evaluation. I think that would be in a great spirit of goodwill that the government could take.
As many individuals have pointed out, it is in the spirit of what Ms. Young's motion is trying to achieve. As Conservatives, we are always willing to support goodwill and collaboration with others. It's something that we want to demonstrate.
I would suggest to Ms. Young that perhaps she wants to withdraw this motion and allow Ms. Gazan to put her motion forward for us to vote on in the spirit of a minority government and a new start here in the House of Commons—a new start, unified.
Mr. Chair, I'd like to present that to the committee.
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