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Lib. (NL)
Thank you, Mr. Chair, and welcome to our witnesses, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Turnbull.
In light of these tragic events, of course, and these tragedies that occurred with the Max 8, this is very challenging for all of us, as Ms. Block said. It's something that weighs heavily on people's minds when you try to discuss these kinds of issues. We're always sensitive to the feelings of the families and the people who were impacted by this kind of tragedy. Also, of course, for all of us, uppermost in our minds is the safety of future flights should these aircraft ever return to commercial flying.
I want to focus on the crash that took place in Ethiopia. I have a couple of questions around that one.
First of all, why did the minister want to see data from Aireon before taking the decision to ground the Canadian fleet? Was there a specific reason for that?
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