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I fully agree with the need for efficiency, and I don't think we're opposed to doing the detailed stuff at the committee level, but I think Mr. Scarpaleggia said it well, in that if there's a disagreement, or if somebody wants an opinion on something, it can come back to the committee. I would suggest that on the issue of which studies we undertake, we would all have a say in that—and a lot to say.
In the interest of efficiency, rather than going to the committee, coming up with a schedule and then coming back here to have a bunch of discussions about which studies to do, I think it would be very beneficial to have that discussion first. That would be to advise and to inform the committee of the perspective of our whole committee on which studies would be important. I think that's why we feel that it would be very efficient to actually have the discussion here, with all of us, in public, and then that would inform the smaller committee in doing the details of the scheduling and so on.
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