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Thank you, Chair.
Thank you, witnesses, for being here this afternoon. I appreciate it.
I'm sure you're aware that we're doing extended sittings all this week. We're doing as much as we can to give the 200 people who want to appear in front of the committee a chance to talk about the impact of CUSMA, the new NAFTA.
The concern we have is not the deal; we're going to approve the deal. The bill should go into clause-by-clause study hopefully on Thursday or Friday, and then it will be out of here. Now with regard to the Senate, that's a different story. The Prime Minister will have to deal with them; that's his baby. However, as far as the House of Commons is concerned, we should get it through, which I think everybody wants to see.
There are some concerns I want to bring in.
I'll start with the CFIB.
A lot of people will say to get it done, yet when you start telling them what's in the deal, they say, “Oh, I didn't know that.”
You used a good example. You talked about the de minimis. It goes from $20 to $40, and then the duty is to $150.
Do you realize that Canada Post doesn't qualify? It is only a courier outside of Canada Post that would qualify for those types of situations.
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