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I just can't stress enough the importance of this issue. I don't agree this is something that is captured in the motions for studies we have presented at this time. We're going to be talking about supplementary estimates and then about the backlog—the first two on this list—and then we're going to be talking about service dogs.
It's not really talking to the specific issue of members of a veteran's family, the services they receive, and the importance of that issue. I remember having a conversation with one veteran in my riding, Max. He told me he felt that his wife was getting post-traumatic stress disorder from having to live with him. This has a huge impact.
To come back to your point, this is not about just responding to breaking news; we're not just going to jump in there every single time. This could have significant long-term impacts. It's very clear there's an issue here. It's been identified by the veterans ombudsperson. It behooves our committee to get a grasp on that as quickly as possible. One day to touch on this is not too much to ask. That will allow the committee to know if there's further work needed at a different point.
I will be supporting this motion. Everybody's pretty clear on this. Again, it's so important. When we see these kinds of articles, hopefully we could send something that will help veterans' families across this country. We have a responsibility to address that.
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