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I don't think I could have said it much better myself. I appreciate your points, Parliamentary Secretary; however, I think this is a specific issue. I think we would like to see a report on this issue, even if it's a brief report, based upon the testimony we get from written submissions from people, but specifically for the one meeting that we're asking for, with testimony from the veterans ombudsman and the departmental officials, because they have brought this up as an urgent issue.
As you know, we don't know what the specific mental illnesses or mental traumas are that these families are facing. This could be a very timely issue, and if we don't act now.... I mean, I'd hate to see if anything negative really happened. I think we should move forward with this. We're asking for one meeting this coming Thursday to discuss this motion, and then we can have a report come out over the next few months, based on written submissions, so that we can deal with this matter.
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