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Thank you very much. Of course, that's one of the key parts, as I've mentioned before, about the Quebec green aluminum, because of the way in which they are able to use their electricity. Of course, if they tried to build a dam now, I think it would be a little trickier.
That's my other concern as far as our oil and gas industry is concerned. We have sections of this country that talk about how great they are doing, but there are also some amazing things happening in our oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be able to move that forward, so my concern is that when you're talking about foreign direct investment, it's going to find its place, but I really believe that when you have the best technology in the world, that should be the one that is being used.
Mr. Poirier, we have only a few seconds left. Could you perhaps comment on the aluminum portion I mentioned before?
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