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Thank you very much, Madam Chair.
One of the things we're talking about, of course, when we're talking about Canada as a country, is that Quebec is really pushing the fact that it has the green aluminum and so on. Those are the concerns and issues that we've talked about. One of the things we've looked at is the Chinese aluminum being stockpiled in Mexico and the issue about what that is. I think that's been a really critical component of this.
I believe, Mr. Azzopardi, that you were talking about whether it is molded and what percentage is coming in and in what area. I think that's really an important issue. Also mentioned was the 25% U.S. tariff on China and the effects that had and how that pushed us into a situation where we all had to pay attention to what was taking place.
I want to take it in a different direction for a moment. We produce a lot of coal in western Canada and the northwest U.S. It goes through the Port of Vancouver and then heads over to Asia, where it is being used to create steel, which then comes back and becomes part of this problem that we have. There's no carbon tax associated with that, although we see our problems as far as dumping is concerned. I think that really becomes a critical aspect of this. How do we ever expect, then, that we are going to be competitive under those circumstances?
We see some of the other things that are happening with some of the review provisions that we have. How can we be expecting that we are going to be able to have an easier time to get foreign direct investment coming here into Canada unless we're paying attention to all of those micro-issues I've just mentioned?
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