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Very quickly, just to go back to some points that have been made, my experience in health care is not as a physician or a primary health care official, but certainly as a community leader and volunteer. From my personal interactions with people in my riding, I think they understand the distinction between provincial and federal responsibility when it comes to health care.
At least in my own belief and from my own standpoint, I think it's incumbent on us, as my colleague has said, to not just look at financial models that perhaps need to be looked at more diligently, but also at alternative methods of primary health care, community-based health care and a combination thereof that focus on team approaches and that may be doing quite well in a little place called L'Ardoise in Cape Breton. Shouldn't we know about that? Shouldn't we talk about that? Shouldn't we socialize that?
I just wanted to give some reference to my original motion. Thank you.
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