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Lib. (NS)
Just let it be known that this might be the first time I've ever agreed with everything you just said, Marcus.
I think that what you said, Mr. Chair, made sense. We had a motion from the NDP, a motion from the Conservatives, a motion from the.... Put four studies forward. If we come over to this side next for the next possible substantive study by the subcommittee for it to discuss further, I think that would make sense. I also think that what Matt and Len—Mr. Jeneroux and Mr. Webber—said is something this committee should look at or could consider as another motion on another day, or at another time. Certainly you can't move a motion at the subcommittee for the committee to consider, but you can move a motion here at the full committee for the subcommittee to consider on another day. As Marcus said, it would be a very broad study, but it's something that would be of interest, I think, to most of the committee members. In deference to Mr. Thériault, I would think that this sliver that he wants to pull out....
Now, there is a five-year review of MAID that will no doubt consider this, but it will be a broad review as well. I'll support Mr. Thériault in this, and then certainly consider support for our friends across the way on another motion at another time, Mr. Chair, if that's what your plan is, to still stick with all four parties suggesting a potential motion, which I think is more than fair. Thank you.
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