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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
The motion that has been forwarded to us is Mr. Thériault's motion regarding a specific study on mental illness and why or why not assisted dying should be extended to those with mental illness.
I absolutely agree that we should do a study on mental health. I'm not going to reiterate what Mr. Davies had suggested, or Mr. Jeneroux. However, we can perhaps agree on having a study on that and get a motion put forward, whether it's here or in subcommittee, on a study on mental health and mental illness. If that's approved, then we can certainly bring in the witnesses and have the testimony here and specifically ask questions on MAID and whether or not we should extend MAID to people suffering from mental illness.
It certainly would integrate the motion that Mr. Thériault has put forward here, but I guess currently we have this notice of motion up for debate and a vote.
If I can get confirmation that we would have that overall mental illness study, then perhaps I would not support this motion. If I can't get confirmation on a motion for a mental health study, then I would certainly support Mr. Thériault's motion to have a study specifically on MAID and extending it to patients suffering from mental illness.
I would like to hear where the committee is with respect to the study on mental health. I will leave it at that.
I'm still trying to determine whether or not to support the bill, which I would like to see studied, but it can be studied under a motion on mental illness and mental health care, or this particular motion right here.
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