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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Just quickly, I think I echo a lot of the sentiments raised by my colleague from the NDP.
If Member Thériault is open to expanding this, to look at more aspects of mental health, I believe it would certainly be relevant to this committee.
I didn't have the privilege of sitting on this committee last time, but I certainly think, through past experience, that mental health did permeate through a lot of the discussions. We even see it in a number of mandate letters. I think pretty much every minister has a reference to mental health in their mandate letter.
If we're able to expand it to look at a broader mental health study, I would encourage Member Thériault that perhaps at that point in time this wouldn't preclude his inviting any witnesses whom he may see fit to participate in that study.
My second point is about the legislation that was just tabled.
Mr. Thériault has a seat on the subcommittee, which we're intending to meet tomorrow. I think perhaps if he's okay with at least going through that legislation first, if he still wants to pursue the motion as it's worded here, then I think that's something we could consider at the subcommittee. However, until we have a chance to look through that legislation, as he had admitted to hearing of but not quite reviewing, we could then perhaps pick up that discussion tomorrow afternoon.
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