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Thank you very much.
I want to start by saying thank you to everybody who has appeared today and has shared their thoughts.
I want to direct my first question to our guests from the Assembly of First Nations and first of all recognize that Canada is in some extraordinary circumstances right now, I think in part because the federal government has done a bad job of recognizing indigenous rights and title and does not have the kind of clarity we need to be able to move forward. Not just section 35, but also treaties and Canada's commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, are foundational documents for Canada.
It seems odd. We don't normally need clauses in agreements to say that the agreements can't override our Constitution. I'm just wondering how we can go about ensuring that these foundational documents really are protected and that it's clear something like a trade agreement can't take precedence over the fundamental legal framework and understanding between Canada and the first peoples.
You have talked a bit about the addition of a non-derogation clause to the legislation. I am curious to know how that would work and how that interacts with article 32.5 of the agreement, which I know only really talks about section 35 and self-governance agreements. It doesn't talk about UNDRIP, and it doesn't mention treaties either.
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