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Thank you, Madam Chair.
I want to thank all the witnesses today for taking the time both to prepare and to come and present today. I know that's a big commitment for many of you.
I also want to thank my colleagues for allowing me to participate in this process today, as obviously this is not my committee. It's a privilege to participate today.
I want to particularly thank you, Mr. Balisky and Ms. Gorski, for being willing to be here today, as you represent people from my riding and people from my community.
My question is for either Mr. Balisky or Ms. Gorski.
You spoke quite eloquently about indigenous ownership and the impact it has on the communities affected by the lack of a softwood lumber agreement and by the tariffs. I would like you to expand on the nine ownership first nations and what the impact that $11 million in money that has been tied up in tariffs since 2017 might have on the 13,000 people represented by those nine first nations.
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