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Thank you very much.
I'd like to take up some questions with our visitors from Saskatchewan. First, I want to thank you for proposing some concrete solutions in terms of what governments might seek to put into trade agreements to help indigenous businesses prosper, but I want to take a step back. One of the things the NDP has said about this agreement is that it ought to have recognized the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We feel it's important that a trade agreement not be able to trump Canada's relationship with indigenous peoples. Whether or not it's in the Constitution, treaty documents are fundamental to Canada. We already have existing international commitments and international agreements like UNDRIP. My point is that you can't just go off and sign a trade agreement that is then going to take precedence over all of those important factors.
I wonder if you have any thoughts on that, or if you've done some thinking about how to ensure that those fundamental aspects of Canada and its relationship to its indigenous people are protected in trade agreements.
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