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Thank you.
Mr. Sobot from IPEX, I have to say, as a construction electrician by trade, that I've installed a lot of your product in the Winnipeg area. I wanted to follow up with you on some of your comments about the buy America provisions.
I know we've had a bit of discussion about this already, but we have a bus manufacturer in my riding called New Flyer Industries. A lot of their production goes to the United States. Over 90% of their sales are with American municipalities. It's not going to happen in this agreement because it didn't. What are some of the instruments or some of the things you think we need to pursue in order to gain some kind of protection from the buy America policy shifting jobs to the U.S.?
I know there was a meeting of governors recently. Unfortunately, Manitoba's premiere, Brian Pallister, chose to stay home and not send anybody on his behalf. Are there opportunities at the province-to-state level or Canada-to-state level to have agreements that would allow Canadian companies to compete for that work?
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