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Thanks very much.
Mr. Geist, one philosophical difference, frankly, that the NDP has with free trade agreements is that they don't enshrine a precautionary principle at all. They make it hard to regulate down the road for the things that you couldn't have accounted for when you signed the deal. Some industry experts might have been able to, but the layperson and many people in government, and trade negotiators even, just wouldn't be aware of them.
In the case of something like the auto sector, you can get to a point—and this certainly seems to have happened more than at any other time—where you have companies and a union representing workers, and those are the interests. I mean, there's a consumer interest too.
Who, other than the big data companies, is in the room or could have been in the room to represent the interests of Canadians and their information? That seems, to me, to be one of the deficiencies here. It is very one-sided when you're talking about negotiating these provisions. Facebook and Google are there, but who would be the counterpoint that might have been in the negotiating room?
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