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What is it in French? That's okay, not a problem. I have to learn it anyway. Duolingo gave up on me a long time ago.
Thank you. Those were great presentations.
I'm from Manitoba, right in the middle, by Brandon, Manitoba. My riding is Dauphin—Swan River—Neepawa.
Modelling is a very interesting topic, when we have all of this data and we look at it, looking at different studies and the results of them over the years. When the modelling becomes something, how do you look at it, and what become the criteria for looking at modelling?
Across many departments—there was one statement Mr. Jones made—do you use the same model? Do you use the same criteria when you're analyzing? When you go across government departments and you say, these are the criteria we're going to use for all departments, from Parks to space and technology, how do you determine what model to use and what is going to be in those models?
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