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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I thank my colleague for his efforts and the work he's done to separate these motions into separate things, because I agree with him. There are different aspects that impact different groups.
With that said, recognizing how long it took us to get through the last motion, and in respect of the time and other commitments that we have today, I'm wondering if my colleague would mind suspending this discussion until the next meeting such that we could possibly address, in particular, a motion that deals with inviting the Minister of Health to make certain that we have her come to deal with the issues of the estimates and budget.
I'm just wondering if he would mind suspending so that we could make sure that we have that discussed and on the paper, because it will take time to make certain that we get the minister. The minister's time is all over the place these days, and we need to make certain we can get her here at a time that fits in with our committee meetings.
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