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Lib. (NS)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
It's important for us to at least decide on the first study today. We could move forward with the dental care study. We could get the analysts to flesh out what that might look like, and maybe give us a one pager on that. This is Wednesday. We don't meet again until next week. It would be nice if we were able to start the process, and see if we can get rolling on Monday on our first study to take advantage of all of those meetings, rather than sending it to a subcommittee, having it come back to us at our next regular meeting and then discussing it.
For the next several possible studies, we could work while we are working on the dental study. We could have those sent to the subcommittee and work on fleshing out priorities for number two, three, four, five and six. That's my opinion. I would like to see us at least decide today that we are moving forward on one particular study.
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