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I have a few things.
To Mr. Thériault's point, I'm totally comfortable with dealing with each party at a time with the motion. I gave notice in advance as a courtesy to my colleagues. I didn't have to; I could have just moved them here, but I sent my motions in advance so we'd have a broad selection of some of the issues. I don't expect to deal with each one of mine. I moved the first one on dental care. I've just read into the record the other issues that are of interest, but I think after we're done with the vote on dental care, I'm happy to take turns with parties putting forth the motion they want.
As you pointed out, Mr. Chair, I also think that we can do both things. By the end of this meeting we can choose one study, but I think the purpose of this meeting is for the committee to consider a number of issues, pass motions on them as they feel necessary, and then refer them to the subcommittee, which can then determine what order to do them in. Of course, my suggestion of proper procedure is that the subcommittee would report back to the main committee, which would listen to the recommendation and vote on them.
I think we can also accede, Mr. Chair, to your request. We can choose one of the issues that we may decide on, because we may pass three, four, five studies here, and then we can decide how we're going to schedule those.
With respect to the last comment about the timing, we completed the pharmacare report within two years, and we had a further two years of government. These are big, meaty issues. We're talking about the comprehensiveness of our Canada health care system. These things should not be proceeded with lightly or quickly. I would point out that dental care was mentioned in the 1960s after the Hall report. It was intended to be part of Canada's health care system along with pharmacare. There's a lot to look at with this.
With my final point, I'm going to reassure everybody again. There's nothing to stop any member of this committee at any time from moving a motion when we're in the dental care study, and saying, “I think we've heard enough and I'd like to move towards consideration of the report.” That can happen after six meetings, eight meetings, 10 meetings or 20 meetings. I just don't think we know enough about the issue to put a number on it now, so I agree with Mr. Fisher about that.
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