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Some of them, yes, enough for now, because we do have limited time.
I want to ask a question of some our farming folks. First, I want to say thanks again for coming, and by no means does anyone here think that you're just farmers. That's good information for us to have. I don't have a farming background, but I do come from the Prairies; and the NDP has a long history of supporting supply management, which I think we've continued to do in this debate.
There's something I've been trying to understand, and maybe either of our supply- managed farmers would like to contribute. We heard some discussion along these lines already. I find it really frustrating, as someone who is often in the position of arguing against the so-called “parties of business” for supply management. The parties of business who say they want low taxes and don't want direct subsidies are the very same parties that have been undermining an industry that has been able to supply, at fair prices, the products Canadians need, and to sustain itself. In international markets, it's doing that against competitors who are very heavily subsidized by taxpayers in the other jurisdictions. How does that fit with parties that say they want low taxes and don't want government subsidies yet undermine the supply-managed sector in Canada that accomplishes that? I can't square that circle. I'm wondering, given your experience in the industry, if you could help me do that.
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