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Thank you.
I partially want to pick up on a similar theme to try to get a better understanding.
I know you've shared some of this already today, so I may be asking you to repeat yourself somewhat. What I hear is that you're identifying two separate issues. There's the issue of the dumping of Chinese aluminum through Mexico into the North American market. Beyond that, there's the question of how you secure more Canadian primary production within that 70% content and the different measures that would be required in order to effect those different things.
I'm wondering if you can spell out a little more of what you think needs to be done on the anti-dumping side and if that's primarily through the vehicle of this agreement or through the agreement that was arrived at for the end of section 232 tariffs.
After that, I'm curious to hear a bit more about what we could be doing unilaterally, as it were—if there is anything within Canada—to ensure that a larger percentage of that 70% content requirement for aluminum is filled with Canadian primary production, and not just the melting and pouring but the smelting as well.
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