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Thank you very much.
I want to talk a little bit about the issue of the labour chapter and particularly the provisions for Mexico. In your opening remarks, you mentioned a bit about how much is going to hinge on the enforcement of that and what enforcement of that would look like. It seems there is a genuine opportunity to start incorporating into a trade agreement something that would make it not just about creating opportunities for business to exploit low-wage economies in order to increase their margins, but to actually start implementing some fair labour practices cross-border.
I'm curious to know what you think needs to happen. The NDP is supportive of the idea of having a committee on the Canadian side that would ensure that government had access to the best advice from people in the labour movement here, and also in the business community where there are examples of successful labour relations. I'm wondering what you envision successful enforcement looking like from the Canadian point of view in terms of how we can optimize the potential of these clauses and move forward on that.
Maybe we can start with Hassan and then go to Mr. Neumann.
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