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May I make a friendly amendment and we can consider it?
I'm just looking at the timetable. I agree with you on the number of committees, writing a letter—that's all fine. I still think those other committees need just a little more time. Could we change Tuesday, February 25, to Tuesday, March 3, just another week during the break week, and then let the committee deal with it by March 5?
The reason I say that is that we can come back on the break week. I have no issues with coming back on the break week to deal with this. It gives all the committees a fair chance to hear witnesses and.... It's a compromise. We've gone from April 2 now to March 3, so we're doing everything we can, but in the same breath we do have to listen to them.
The point I'll make to my colleagues across the floor is that the Prime Minister hasn't even reached out to our leader to say this is urgent. I know the Deputy Prime Minister has been very active and working very hard. I give her credit for doing all the work she has done in the background on this, but you're pushing something through very fast. Historically this is faster than we've ever done it before. In fact, if you look at just this coming to committee, historically it takes 16 days and we did it in six. We're going to do this in basically nine sitting days under your motion. All I'm asking for is that weekend and another seven days.
It would allow those committees that haven't been struck yet to actually be struck and organized, to hear witnesses and then do a proper report back to us. Like I said, they can do extended sittings. We're ready to sit on extended sittings. If they can come back sooner, then they come back sooner, but let's give them enough time to do the work so that nobody can come back to this committee or to the government and say we didn't do our due diligence on this piece of legislation.
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