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Lib. (NL)
Mr. Housefather, this also brings up another point, and I'm not trying to single you out here.
Everyone, for the benefit of people who are watching or listening to this, because it is broadcast through audio—and also for our gentleman in the back here, who is in charge of recording—whether it's in camera or not, it is recorded. I ask that you please not just jump into any discussion that is going on. Please catch my attention, or at least try to, because I would like to recognize everyone who speaks. I mean that when it comes to committee business as well. It's so much easier for them and for us to keep moving. I hope everybody is okay with that. I probably should have said that when I was campaigning for the job, so I hope I didn't fool you.
Nevertheless, thank you, Mr. Housefather, for that.
Is there any more business to discuss at this first meeting?
Madame Bessette.
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