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Lib. (NS)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I have a couple of motions on some very important topics that the committee could study. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with all the members of the committee. It is paramount that our first objective be to support the men and women of the Canadian Forces as well as veterans. We have a huge job ahead of us. The committee did some great work during the 42nd Parliament. We hope to raise the level of co-operation to better address the needs and demands of veterans and to make sure they know about the benefits available to them, benefits they most certainly deserve.
I have two motions. I know members of the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois and NDP also have motions to put forward. As I mentioned, the objective is to build on the work accomplished during the 42nd Parliament.
With that, I will read my first motion. It deals with an issue that other parties no doubt supported as part of their election platforms. It's certainly an important issue worth studying.
I move the following:
That the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs conduct a study on a long term Canadian Strategy for Commemorations which recognizes and honours the service, sacrifice, and achievements of all Canadian Veterans; which takes into consideration future events, monuments, memorials, graves and cemeteries both at home and abroad; that the Committee invite officials from Veterans Affairs Canada, interested stakeholders and Canadian Veterans, educators, and other partners; that this study include visits to memorials and monuments both within Canada and abroad; and that the Committee table a report with recommendations to the government on the best way forward in the 21st century to inspire and educate Canadians and citizens around the world to recognize the service and sacrifice of all who have served our country.
It's extremely important to recognize that there are no more World War I veterans left and that the number of World War II veterans is dwindling. We must continue to educate Canadians all over the country. That's it for my first motion.
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