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There are a number of factors that relate to the debt-to-GDP ratio. For many of these factors, you had the information to make your determination before the 2015 election.
Be that as it may, I'll just move on to another question, and it directly relates to the deficit. It has to do with corporate welfare. In my constituency, people are constantly asking me about this. I'm getting emails, calls—$50 million to Mastercard, millions to BlackBerry and Loblaws. The one I can't get over is $17,000 on 5,000 rubber ducks for the Communications Security Establishment.
Given these kinds of inept decisions, how can you assure Canadians that their money is being well spent? Balanced budgets were promised by you, personally, out of your own mouth—a promise that was not kept. All you're delivering are these ballooning deficits.
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