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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
My perspective at this point is this. We have a limited number of meetings together as a committee. I think everyone around the committee table wants to maximize the work we're able to achieve in regular committee meetings. Every time we take a regular committee slot to hold a subcommittee meeting, we're effectively pushing the work of the committee down the road by at least half a week.
The routine motions that I brought forward today could have easily been dealt with at today's committee meeting. I had no advance notice of the routine motions that were brought forward for us to consider, and yet I followed through them very quickly and voted in favour of them. We could have easily taken a recess and read through my very short additional motions.
I don't want the subcommittee to be perceived as creating tension by delaying the important work of the committee. On Thursday I hope we can have a full committee meeting. We can deal with Mr. Doherty's motion on the Max 8. I think that's a very important bit of work. We can deal with my routine motions, and I look forward to that conversation.
It's seems that the subcommittee work should be fairly brief. We're talking about comparing calendars and about what to do with these routine motions, which we're also going to talk about at the committee meeting when we debate them, correct? Other than if we want to slow things down, I fail to see the need to take up our Thursday spot with a subcommittee meeting instead of a regular meeting.
I'm in support of having a full meeting on Thursday and finding some time—we're all here in the city—prior to that to meet for 15 minutes to look at the minister's schedule to see when he can appear.
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