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Lib. (ON)
As you know, all of us, Minister Morneau, me and even Sean Fraser, the parliamentary secretary, started the pre-budget consultation tour on January 13, and we still have some time to go. I'm going out west next week, and we will be continuing to listen to Canadians from across the country. Of course, we want to hear from businesses in Alberta. We know that these small businesses in Alberta are sending us a message, and we want to work with them.
There's one thing I didn't mention that we have done as a government since 2015 because we really wanted to take meaningful action on supporting business competitiveness. We introduced the new accelerated investment incentive to support new business investment so that some small businesses can have access to this. We also took action to make Canada's regulatory system simpler, fairer and more modern. These are the types of measures that we've taken. During the pre-budget consultations we'll hear about priorities for small business.
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