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Lib. (ON)
Thank you for your question and context.
Again, I'm going to start by saying that in 2015, when we started the government, we knew that Canadians were feeling the squeeze at that time. We started by cutting their taxes. Then we also added the Canada child benefit and lifted 900,000 Canadians out of poverty, and 300,000 of them were kids. We also amended the workers benefit. That helped Canadians enormously. We also worked toward helping seniors. Many of those measures did relieve Canadians, while we were continuing to make sure that we grew the economy.
As for other measures, and for pharmacare as you said, in the last election Canadians gave us a mandate to move forward with pharmacare, but before that, I want to say that we have already done more than any government in a generation to lower drug prices. Now it's time to take that final step, sitting down with provinces and territories to implement pharmacare, and that is guided by the Hoskins' report.
We understand that no Canadian should have to choose between paying for prescriptions and putting food on the table. We will not rest until all Canadians get and can afford the medications they need. We will continue to work with provinces and territories to develop a plan that works.
For pharmacare, we are moving forward and we will support Canadians to make sure that they don't have to choose between food and prescriptions.
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