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I believe this is something that is being done by inviting seniors to participate in this pre-budget consultation. At this time we've received, as I was saying earlier, 16,000 online responses. I would like to know, at the end of the day, if many seniors participated. I'm sure they are voicing their ideas and priorities. I know that during my tour to Windsor, I had a chance to meet with seniors. It is part of their reality that they need more support. They want to be able to have a dignified and secure retirement. They have worked very hard, and we realize that we have to make sure they have access to more opportunities.
As you know, we reduced the age of eligibility of old age security and the guaranteed income supplement from 67 to 65, as the prior government had increased it to 67. That gave them an opportunity to put more money in their pockets. That was a measure that we did right away when we were elected in 2015. We also increased the guaranteed income supplement by $947 for the most vulnerable single seniors, improving the financial security for about 900,000 people. We want to continue to see, as we committed to in the throne speech and our platform, how we can help the most vulnerable seniors, the 75-plus, and include the 10%.
The survivor's benefit is also something that we've been hearing about. It was part of the platform, so that will be part of the conversation in the budget.
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