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Thank you Mr. Chair. I may want to share a bit of my time with Mr. Poilievre, if I have the chance.
Mr. Kingston, back in 2017 the Auditor General released a report on the CRA that was fairly damning in its results. In the interests of time, I won't go through every single problem. More recently the “Serving Canadians Better” report that was commissioned by CRA and done by Stantec Consulting found that 83% of respondents had an experience that didn't meet their needs.
Your report spends a fair amount of time talking about the need to modernize and simplify the tax system. One thing that jumped off the page for me was the fact that the Income Tax Act is now 3,281 pages long.
I'm wondering if you can comment on how you foresee tax simplification in Canada unfolding and the benefits of that.
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