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I would like to finish my questions with the end of NAFTA, if I may, the sunset clause that is now being proposed in the new NAFTA.
I have heard from many stakeholders about the need for certainty in the marketplace. Indeed, my colleague Mr. Dhaliwal has talked about the need for predictability and stability in the marketplace.
I've also heard a few people in the media talk about how this deal will just get us through the Trump administration. This strikes me as a little bit short-sighted. I don't have a crystal ball, but imagine the year 2036, because I believe it is a 16-year sunset clause. If in the year 2036, the White House has an extremely protectionist president and the U.S. does not want to renew any NAFTA agreement with Canada or Mexico, does that mean that NAFTA is done and that we have no more free trade agreement with the United States or Mexico?
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