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I want to jump to dairy. One of the things that we've heard concern about is the fact that there's an extreme limit on the export of milk protein concentrate and skim milk powder, infant formula. The penalties for exceeding that are harsh and meant to keep Canadian producers out of the international market in a preventive way. It's not that they're necessarily a big force on the international market right now, but the export quotas would prevent them from expanding their business, not just into the U.S. and Mexico, but into other international markets as well. The cap this year is 55,000 megatonnes, and it will be 35,000 megatonnes in the second year. The dairy fiscal year is from August 1 to July 31, and there is a serious concern that if the deal is ratified before August 1, year two will begin on August 1, which doesn't align with their production forecast for the coming year.
I know that in CETA, for instance, a large percentage of the agreement has been ratified and implemented, but the provisions on ISDS are being held back, which hasn't prevented the rest of the deal from going forward.
Has the government made any provision for enacting the lion's share of this agreement but holding back on dairy until August 1 to protect dairy producers, at least this year?
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