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Lib. (NS)
Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Thank you very much, folks, for being here today.
The women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces deeply matter to the folks in Canada. Dartmouth—Cole Harbour is home to CFB Shearwater, and with CFB Halifax nearby, I have a lot of military families at home who are paying rapt attention to what's going on in Trenton. I'd say that most Canadians have been watching the coronavirus situation closely, and they want to be sure that they and their loved ones are protected from this virus.
We've heard a lot about misinformation and how it's spreading online, and how the situation is being sensationalized by some. Can you tell us more—one of the major-generals, perhaps—about how those being repatriated here in Canada from Wuhan, China will be screened before and after they arrive back in Canada? Also, what measures are being put in place to protect military families and the general public in Trenton?
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