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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I want to thank our witnesses from the Public Health Agency, and it's always great to see General Downes and General Cadieu, so thanks for being with us today.
I want to thank the Canadian Armed Forces for what it is doing in assisting with getting our Canadians home from China, facilitating their movement and providing the facilities for them to return home safety.
A little bit of information that I think some Canadians would want to know is how we are handling the passengers before they enter the aircraft, whether or not there is any pre-screening before coming on, and whether that's being done by Canada or by China. Also, what protective measures for personnel are being taken with regard to the flight crew and the Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel while they're on board the aircraft? Of course, we know that this is all recycled air, and they're going to be on a direct flight for nine or 10 hours. How is that being dealt with from a biohazard standpoint?
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