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Lib. (BC)
Welcome everyone. We'll start the meeting now.
Thank you everyone.
I have just a couple of points. The Special Committee on Canada-China Relations has booked this room at 5:30, so we will have a hard cap here at 5:30 so they can start their meeting and be televised.
I suggest for the next meeting that people keep in mind topics of interest so that we can consider where we're going to go in the future.
With that, we'll carry on. I'd like to welcome the Department of National Defence, with Major-General Cadieu, director of staff, strategic joint staff. Merci.
We have Major-General Downes, surgeon general, commander of the Canadian Forces health services group.
We have back again Ms. Namiesniowski, president of the Public Health Agency, and the incomparable Dr. Tam. Thank you for coming back.
We'll start with the Department of National Defence. I believe you have a 10-minute opening statement.
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