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Lib. (NT)
The definition of “large” depends what side of the fence you're on. The $800 million doesn't go very far when you split it among three territories and some of the provinces. Just one road costs over $2 billion. I should remind the government that the Government of Canada is still responsible for building roads in the Northwest Territories. It still holds that responsibility.
When we talk about how other countries are doing, and how the national indicators are showing that our country is doing well and things are going pretty well, there are some areas of concern for the Northwest Territories. Our economy has not been keeping up with what's going on in the rest of Canada. We're growing at a slower pace. We are getting to a point where the backbone of our economy is going to be disappearing pretty soon. The diamond mines are all past their peak production points. We really don't have any other industry ready to offset their decline.
What efforts is the Government of Canada taking to support regional economies, like ours, to grow and diversify?
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