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Lib. (NT)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Thanks, presenters today, for coming and presenting, although your presentation is a little bit skimpy. I was hoping to hear more on some of the work you've done in the pre-budget consultations and especially what you heard from the north, because I wanted to raise an issue that is affecting the north. It's the physical pressures that the territories are facing. We have a small tax base and high costs of construction and service, and we have a set borrowing limit. That borrowing limit is set by this government and it's currently $1.3 billion. The Government of Northwest Territories always seems to be right at its debt limit and struggles to get projects done.
Is the Government of Canada open to exploring options to assist the Government of Northwest Territories in addressing some of the challenges through such measures as increasing their borrowing limit or allowing for greater flexibility in cost sharing on projects, infrastructure and other things?
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