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Thank you very much.
I'll now turn to Madame Hanson and Madame Grynol.
Thank you very much for your presentations.
Madame Hanson, I had no idea of the extent of diabetes in this country. I would like to ask you what the cost is of not acting. If we don't put in place adequate financing for diabetes 360°, how many lives will be lost in a given year? What is the impact on our health care system? What is the impact of not acting?
Madame Grynol, I'll ask you the same thing. You have very eloquently spelled out the impacts right now of the web giants basically having a free-for-all. They can get around an income tax system and not have to pay all of the obligations that we pay as Canadians. What is the cost of not acting, if the budget does not respond to the needs of putting in place a tax system for the web giants? They have gotten off for free.
Perhaps each of you could answer those questions.
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