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Thank you very much.
I'm going to go on to Mr. Ball and Ms. McGuire.
Perhaps, Ms. Saab, you could reference what the calculation is on the infrastructure deficit at some point in your testimony today through the FCM. Over the last five or 10 years, are we going up or down, or is it remaining stable?
Mr. Ball, you've raised, very clearly, concerns around both the fact that the web giants are not paying any sort of contribution to the income tax system and the need to strengthen the anti-money laundering regime. The PBO published a report last June that we briefly talked about at the finance committee, showing $25 billion—and that was a conservative estimate—going through electronic funds transfers and other methods to overseas tax havens. That's basically an erosion of the money that we have in common to invest in supporting quality of life, infrastructure, and in fighting climate change and putting in place programs like dental care or pharmacare.
How important is it for us to tackle immediately what has become a profoundly unfair tax system and do that comprehensive review so that Canadians can have confidence that everybody is paying their fair share and that very wealthy and very profitable corporations are having to contribute and make investments to build our country?
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