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Lib. (NT)
Thank you, Mr. Chair. I will be splitting my time with my colleague Annie Koutrakis.
I have a couple of quick observations that I want to flag. Then I have a question for the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs.
First of all, I want to commend you for the work your organization is doing on the indigenous fire marshals. I think it's a good move. I think it's something that's much needed. In your document you state that you need support. Maybe you could provide to the committee what form that would take.
The second thing is that as fire chiefs, fire marshals are responsible for all hazards by default. This is an observation from the Northwest Territories, and I think it will happen with these fire marshals on the reserves. We don't have building inspectors. By default, the fire marshal's office is usually asked to take on that responsibility. It's a serious concern. I think that may be an area that you could look into a lot more.
The question I want to ask is regarding mental health. I think this is a real serious concern. It's something that we deal with with social workers in the north. We've already invested $30 million in a commitment over five years. Is that meeting the mark? Is that meeting what it's intended to meet?
If you could respond to that, then I'll turn it over to Annie.
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