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Again, I don't know how to speak to this. At this point, of course, I am the whip and am not the vice-chair of anything at this point, so I receive one salary. I think we could definitely ask some questions about whether or not people have been allotted those roles and also have the vice-chair role. If they're paid, I think that's a bigger research question. I obviously don't have access to the House knowledge on that, but I would be very interested in seeing what that is.
I can only answer from where I'm sitting right now, which is that for me at the end of the day this was an opportunity to have equality within our committees. I don't see a problem with this subamendment. I am concerned, of course, that it's not going to do the work that we would like to see it do, and I think that conversation needs to happen if that's information that the Conservatives would like to look at historically. I wouldn't have all of the knowledge about what the practice has been in this Parliament or in past Parliaments.
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