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Thank you, Madam Chair. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this important conversation.
I want to recognize first of all that the Conservative members at the last meeting of PROC talked extensively about the reality that for the second vice-chair of course it would happen differently in every committee, and that sometimes it would be the NDP and sometimes it would be the Bloc. I think it's really important that we remember here that this is not about one party. This is about looking at the reality of how this place is built and looking at the reality of the Canada-China committee, where there's now a difference between how some committees will be treated compared to others.
At the end of the day, this is about creating respectful relationships in this place. I'm certainly interested in having discussions about compensation for all roles. I think that's always an interesting conversation to have. I think we're very clear here, by what the chair has indicated from her discussion with the analyst and the clerk, that this isn't the right process to move forward. I'm interested to see what we can do in the future around this issue; obviously it doesn't sound like this committee is the right place.
I really want to also encourage my Conservative friends here. There are some really important conversations about challenges that many of our constituents are experiencing. I hope to see them working with us of course in our call to the Liberals around the increase in the OAS. Right now, the age for that is 75, and of course, as you've heard from our members, we want to see that lowered to the age of 65. If seniors are struggling, we absolutely want to help them as soon as we possibly can.
Also, what I look forward to is that it sounds like there were discussions about people not being able to afford medication, and we're hoping to see support for our plan around having a universal national strategy that's respectful to all provinces and all territories in order to see that move forward.
I hope that answers the member's question. I look forward to continuing this discussion.
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